Bepannaah, 14 June, 2018, show highlights: Aditya declares that if Mr Hooda doesn’t save him and Zoya together, he will take the responsibility of the murder

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, the defence calls Rajveer next as the witness. Rajveer comes up smiling and takes the oath. The defence starts questioning and asks him when he realised that Zoya and Aditya have killed Yash and Pooja. Rajveer says that he knew always because they denied of knowing each other. Rajveer puts forward a video from the mall from Missouri where they were spotted shopping together. They see that Zoya and Aditya were buying together and Rajveer says that they knew them. Mr Hooda asks Aditya what is this. Aditya gets angry and shouts out that Rajveer is showing a wrong thing. Zoya remembers that how they met and fought over the single thing and what happened. Rajveer says that Zoya and Aditya were planning Yash and Pooja’s murder, while the latter was busy having an affair. Zoya breaks down and screams to the judge to stop humiliating and discussing their personal lives. Mr Hooda interferes and asks for forgiveness from the judge. He asks Zoya to control her emotions. The defence asks Rajveer to leave. He calls Mr Dheeraj Pandey to the witness box. Aditya remembers that he has seen him on the flight. The defence tries to mislead the witness and thus Mr Hooda interferes. He says that he got a heart attack and thus he had to do an emergency landing at Dehradun. The defence asks Aditya’s co-pilot at the witness box. He comes and says that Aditya forcibly landed at Dehradun despite knowing that it was a mere chest pain. The defence says that they planned it all and thus he had to get down at Dehradun. Aditya and Zoya are broken. Mahi and Rajveer rejoice. Arjun is intrigued and says to Mr Hooda that the judge is getting influenced. The session ends and the judge says that the defence will put the records next day. Mr Hooda promises to Aditya that he will win it anyhow. Mr and Mrs Siddiqui are tensed. Mr Hooda says that he will do a miracle and save Aditya. Rajveer mocks.

Rajveer says that Zoya should have told about Mahi’s betrayal. Zoya says that she is worried about Aditya. He says that he knows Mr Hooda will save him. The police comes and says that someone has come to meet Aditya.

Aditya meets Mr Hooda. Aditya asks whether he will save him or not. Mr Hooda remembers how Aditya told him the same thing in his childhood. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 13 June, 2018, show highlights: Will Mr Hooda be able to save Zoya and Aditya from Yash and Pooja’s murder trial?)

Arjun gives Pooja’s diary to Mr Hooda. Arjun tries to say that he stole it from Missouri, but Mr Hooda stops him. He asks Arjun to go and talk with Aditya. He gives the diary to his employee and asks him to do what he has to do. The employee leaves.

Arjun calls Mr Hooda and says that Aditya is stressed and he needs to see him. Mr Hooda comes and it is revealed that Arjun has met the employee and have learnt that Mr Hooda will withdraw from fighting Zoya’s case and he will put all the blames on her. Arjun is angry and says that he can’t believe Mr Hooda is doing this. Mr Hooda asks who Zoya is to Aditya. Aditya remembers that Zoya said that she believes they are together and she trusts them. Thus he says that he can’t see an innocent Zoya getting punished. He says that Mr hooda has only two options. Either he can save them together or else he will take the resposibilities of the murders. Arjun tries to stop him but Aditya is determined.