Dance Deewane: Akshay Kumar awards a gold medal and Rs 5 lakh to a contestant for his blindfolded dance act

So yesterday we told you how guest judge Mouni Roy and Dance Deewane’s host, Arjun Bijlani’s performance to Gerua song from Dilwale, was the highlight of the show. Apart from the spectacular performances, it was their act that really had the audience cheering, especially since it revived memories of them together from their Naagin days. Now, we told you how the episode will be continued on Sunday and that’s what happened.

To add to the show, Mouni’s Gold co-star, Akshay Kumar joined them on the sets of the dance reality show as a guest judge. Akshay seemed thoroughly impressed by the performance of all the participants and seemed to be having a swell time while there. He danced with some performers and interacted with everyone else too. But he was exceptionally bowled over by Prabdeep Singh’s blindfolded act. Those who watch the show, would be well aware of the fact that Prabdeep is deaf and mute. The only sense that he relies on is his vision and for this act, he even gave that up. And the judges, including Akshay, were blown away. Akshay was so happy that he awarded him with a gold medal and even Rs 5 lakh from his side. He also ensured that no one thought it was charity and that he was doing it because he thought the contestant had earned it. Well, we very well know how generous Akshay it and so it doesn’t really come as a surprise. (Also read: Yaay! Akshay Kumar-Mouni Roy’s Gold gets a special emoji from Twitter)

The other contestants too received a lot of encouragement from the judges. And that’s not all. The audience was in for a surprise when they saw Mouni Roy and Madhuri Dixit match steps for Tareefan. They were further delighted to see both the actresses perform a classical dance to the rather western tune. All in all, despite being an elimination episode, the Independence Day special of Dance Deewane was a success for sure.