EXCLUSIVE! Birthday girl Ashi Singh says she is fed up of crying nowadays on Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

Ashi Singh is one of the cutest young stars around. She has won us over with her effortless performance as Naina Agarwal in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai. The young lady turns 21 today and fans have flooded Twitter wishing the cute actress. Bollywood Life caught up with her for a chat. So, what is the best thing about turning 21? “Hahaha…I only feel it is becoming easier for me to get entry into clubs as I am turning older,” she says roaring with laughter. She says that she has no special plans for her birthday as she will be working. “My time will be spent on the sets. I have not thought about a party. Most of my time is devoted to my work and family, so I want to gift myself something, it is some time for myself,” says Ashi. (Also Read: Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Spoiler Alert: Sameer to expose Sharad’s fraud before Naina?)

The current track where Sameer and Naina are separated is causing a lot of grief to viewers. Even Ashi is bearing the brunt. She tells us, “I really want this track to wind up soon. I am fed up of crying. Whenever someone tells me, now you have to cry, I’m like when is the pack up. My eyelids feel heavy even after I reach home and they’re swollen on most mornings. I do not remember sad episodes of my life and cry because then I find it tough to get out of that zone. Of course, Samaina will meet but everything will happen in a realistic manner because ours is a slice of life show.” She says that she enjoyed the wedding sequence the most as it was very enjoyable and colourful.

The actress also says that she does not compare herself to anyone but looks at making small improvements in herself. “I do not like to compare. I am quite contented. I only want to improve but I do not ever feel pressurized,” she says. As Naina, she has earned millions of fans in India and the UK. Recounting an incident, she says, “I remember once my way home from the sets, I stopped at Oberoi Mall because I was extremely hungry. I just could not control. When I went up ordered something and was about to take a bite, a woman came to me for a selfie. I obliged. Within seconds, there were so many people getting clicked. Finally, I had to request people to let me eat.” Bollywood Life wishes her a happy birthday and hopes that her fan mania grows.