FIR actress Mahika Sharma gets trolled after stating that she kept herself sexually satisfied by fantasizing about Shahid Afridi

It looks like Mahika Sharma’s rather bold interview about her teen crush Shahid Afridi has landed her in trouble. ICYMI, the actress who has been in shows like Ramayana and FIR told IB Times, “Do you really want me to answer it? You will be surprised but I was a child, I was just 13 years old. I used to keep kissing Afridi’s pictures (laughs). And when I started exploring about sex, I started fantasising him and kept myself satisfied.” She later said that she would wait for the day when Afridi says a ‘hello’ to her. Mahika also said that her affections were genuine and not a publicity stunt. Fans will remember how Arshi Khan trended for her alleged link-up with Afridi prior to Bigg Boss 11. However, Mahika outrageous statements seem to have attracted the wrong sort of people. In an statement to SpotBoyE, she said, “Yes, people are harassing me sexually. They are asking me to tell my rate. I don’t look at trolls. They just need to be shown the middle finger. Their fathers don’t feed you any day.”

She also defended her statement about fantasizing about Shahid Afridi. She told the entertainment portal, “Sex is no big deal these days. If boys can openly talk about their crushes and fantasies,  why do we girls need to have a lakshman rekha?  I don’t believe in gender discrimination. Why can’t I be open about my desires?” The lady will be seen next with British pornstar Danny D in a film called The Modern Culture. She maintains that it is a family film.