Naagin 3 August 11 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bela decides to kill Maahir by getting close to him

The doctor is checkig Bela but she is disturbed by the continuous beep sound. The sound is making her transform into a snake. Suddenly Chander drops a plate on Anu’s head and the noise distracts the doctor. The latter runs to Anu’s help who had collapsed. Bela gets the opportunity to stop the machine and feel better. Anu is badly hurt in the head. Bela is tensed that she doesn’t have much time and she is yet to complete her task. She is waiting to kill Maahir, but he is busy thinking about his romantic moments with Bela

Vish and the inspector are looking for Yuvraaj. The inspector knows Bela is a snake. Bela and Maahir are having an intense discussion. Suddenly, Maahir shows Bela his superhero collection. He tells her how he used to escape his parents’ fights. Maahir tells Bela that he wants a superpower He doesn’t want to do anything bad anyone. He keeps ranting that he will take care of Bela and her baby. She keeps telling him she is not pregnant but Maahir is insistent that he will take care of her. Bela figures she is getting weird about Maahir. They share a romantic moment thereafter. Guruji is putting deadlines on everything Bela is doing. He might put a deadline on the number of times she exhales and inhales. Baba got no chill! There’s 32 minutes left to get the first task done. Come on Roadies… oops sorry this is Naagin. (Also read: Naagin 3 5th August 2018, Written Update of Full Episode: Annu claims that Bela is pregnant leaving Maahir shell-shocked)

Inspector and Vish are looking for Yuvi and reach a cave. It reminds Vish of the time she had killed Yuvi here. Vish signals someone to take care of the situation. Vish tries a lot to shoo the inspector from the place but then suddenly a dead body appears in front of them. Sumitra is decorating the nursery for Bela’s kid which they think is real despite the girl screaming nothing of the sort exists. Rich people are absurd. Maahir tells Sumitra he doesn’t understand what is going on with Bela. Sumitra tries to placate Maahir that mood swings. Guruji tells Bela to look for a birth mark on Maahir because there is a secret to this all. Bela is worried how can she do that without touching Maahir. Yes she can’t touching.

Bela tries to get this info out of Sumitra and she tells Bela that Maahir has a birthmark on his back. The Inspector and Vish discuss the dead body. That’s because the dead body can’t be identified because it was badly mangled. While the inspector is happy about it, Vish is cursing Anu under her breath. Bela now has just 25 minutes before the sun can set. Maahir decorates their room and arranged every stuff Bela might need help with. Bela again tries to reason with him but he doesn’t listen. So Bela then pretends to trip and throws juice on Maahir. That makes Maahir take off his shirt and bare his birth mark, That’s when Bea see where the naagmani is kept. Guruji is happy Bela completed her task. He tracks the naagmani down and sees someone holding it. Guruji appears in front of Maahir and Bela but Maahir doesn’t see him. She sends Maahir off and the Guruji tells her to complete her third task so that she can locate the Naagmani. The task is Maahir has to do something selflessly for Bela and out of love. But Bela is concerned about Maahir’s life because he will die if he touches her. But Guruji doesn’t care. He tells her to get through it because she was anyway intending to kill him.

Inspector and Vish have a conversation about Bela’s background. Vish tries to give wrong info about Bela but the inspector is too smart to get conned. The inspector then tries to get the autopsy report of the dead body which he is convinced is Yuvraaj’s. Bela now is really concerned. She is in two minds about Maahir but decides to go in favour of the Naagmani. Bela goes down to put her plan into action. Sumitra and Anu tell Bella that there is someone who wants to meet her. The woman is Pabitra and Bela is shocked.

Anu explains why Pabitra is here. She is supposed to check Bela’s pulse and reveal how many kids she will have. Bela is quite obviously frightened. Next episode Bela kills Maahir… at least that’s what the preview reveals.