Nick Jonas already wants to get MARRIED to Priyanka Chopra; might pop the question soon?

It’s been just few weeks since Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have started spending quality time together and looks like the lover boy is already wanting to settle down with PC and start a family. Yes, at least that’s what the latest reports suggest. Turns out Nick is so head over heels in love with Priyanka that he doesn’t want to lose her at any cost. Say for that matter, this is also the reason why he took Priyanka to his cousin’s wedding so early in their relationship, ensuring even his family warms up to her. He wants things to move faster in his favour and is really keen on taking their relationship to the next level. ALSO READPriyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are twinning their way into our hearts with their Instagram pictures! 

Reveals a source in interaction with HollywoodLife, “Nick is falling hard for Priyanka, and he is very interested in making things serious really soon. All Nick really wants now that he has a career in something he loves, is to have a beautiful wife and a couple children to boot. He doesn’t want to be a serial dater, and he hopes what he as with Priyanka turns into something very important in his life and he hopes that she is the one.”

Now the question is – will Priyanka be ready to take the plunge? Will PC really agree to marry Nick if at all he proposes to her one day? Only time will tell but going by their frequent dinner dates and how Priyanka is making time for Nick despite being busy with her professional commitments, proves that she’s equally interested in this relationship and is wanting to make things work.

Interestingly, buzz is also that Nick keeps sending cutesy messages to Priyanka and tries to light up her day in some way or the other. “When they’re out together Nick only has eyes for Priyanka, and makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Nick is clearly head over heels for Priyanka. He’s even changed his phone screensaver to a cute photo of both of them, and programmed a special ring tone for whenever she calls him,” the insider continued. So, for all of you out there who think this is just temporary, think again!